Need cash? Let our ATM Machines become a convenient part of your banking needs.

Southwest Bank of Weatherford

  • Located at 720 E Main, Weatherford, OK 73096
  • ATM - 24 Hours

First Bank of Thomas

  • Located at 301 W Broadway, Thomas, OK 73669
  • ATM - 24 Hours

Southwest Bank of Weatherford Check Card

  • How much personal information do you give away each time you write a check? Usually, you give your name, address, phone number, social security number or driver's license number, bank routing number and account number!  Our solution makes it simple... swipe your card and you are on your way. Plus, you don't leave a trail of personal information every time you make a purchase.
  • Southwest Bank of Weatherford check card, use it instead of a check anywhere VISA/MasterCard's are accepted. It is not a credit card but is processed by merchants through credit card machines. Each transaction you make with your Southwest Bank of Weatherford check card will be deducted from your checking account just like a check and appears on your monthly statement.
  • By using your Southwest Bank of Weatherford check card, you eliminate the need to carry large sums of cash, your checkbook, and other forms of identification. If you lose it, call us and we will cancel that card and issue you a new one. It is simple, fast, and one of the safest ways to pay! Did we mention it also works at ATM machines? Start using it today!

Safe deposit boxes

Available at Weatherford and Custer City offices.

Premium Services

  • Mastercard Check/ATM cards
  • Money Orders, and Cashiers Checks
  • For lost/stolen check cards after hours call: 800-523-4175
  • To order a new card call: (580) 774-0900
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