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Statement of Condition

as of June 30, 2014

Custer City
400 Main
NMLS#484632 Weatherford
720 E Main
Jack W. Dickey, Sr Steven M. Dickey Phillip A. Dickey
David R. Dickey Jack W. Dickey, Jr Jeff L. Dickey
Glenn A. Dickey      Douglas W. Dickey
  Cash Due from Banks $ 4,463,823.99
  U.S. Government & Agency Securities   5,773,028.97
  Municipal & Other Securities   18,742,381.84
  Federal Funds Sold   4,490,000.00
  Loans & Discounts   33,342,675.65
  Banking House, Furniture & Fixtures   770,298.17
  Other Assets   1,296,090.20
  Totals $ 68,878,298.82
  Capital and Surplus $ 500,000.00
  Undivided Profits   7,392,294.31
  Other Liabilities   317,524.02
  Deposits   60,668,480.49
  Totals $ 68,878,298.82
Weatherford Office

Jack W. Dickey, Sr


 Chairman of Board

  Phillip A. Dickey     NMLS#525847 President
  Jack W. Dickey, Jr     NMLS#583225 Vice President
  Jeff L. Dickey     NMLS#525253 Vice President
  Gina Miller     Asst. Cashier/AVP
  Annetta Jennings      Asst. Vice President
  Cody Parker     NMLS#608939  Vice President
  Sarah Emrich     Proof Operator
  Leslie Dickey     Vault Teller
  Maria Sexton     Adm Assistant
  Justine Caler     Head Teller
  Ginger Caldwell     Teller
  Sawyer Johnston     Teller
Custer City Office
  Doug Dickey     NMLS#607600 Vice President
  Tricia Hoffman     Vice President/
Internal Control
  Vickie Fergason     Cashier
  Cindy Ousley     Administrative Asst.
  Patti Bowman     Teller
Yukon LP Office
  H. Smith Wycoff, Jr.     NMLS#496335 Vice President
/Mortgage Mgr
  Kris Menz     NMLS#926466 Vice President

Each Depositor is insured up to $250,000.00 by the F.D.I.C.